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Disclaimer: While many NASA scientists agree with the conclusions reached in this presentation, it is politically incorrect in America's present climate for NASA to officially endorse these conclusions. The first head of NASA, Warner Von Braun, wrote letters to school boards strongly recommending that they teach this kind of evidence in the public school classrooms. But, since 1962-1963, nine unelected government officials (Supreme Court) have re-interpreted the Constitution and forced the separation of these evidences from the classrooms. Results: our students science grades have gotten worse ever since. We now rank at or near the bottom in Math and Science worldwide (in competition with "civilized" countries).

Do Bible Believers Do Better Science?

Did The Bible Reveal Scientific Facts Long Before Men of Science Discovered Them?

 All Of Man's Past Science Books Have Errors. And The Bible Was Finished 2000 Years Ago. So How Did The Bible Avoid Repeating The Errors Of Man?

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Are There Reliable Historical & Archeological Evidences?

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